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Velleman® has over 36 years of experience in the electronics industry and distributes in over 85 countries.

All our products comply with strict quality standards and are conform to legal regulations of the European Union. To ensure quality our products are subjected to extra quality controls on a regular basis, both by our internal quality department as well as by highly specialized external organizations. If - all precautionary measures notwithstanding – a problem should occur you can always make an appeal to our warranty (see warranty conditions).

General Warranty Conditions Concerning Consumer Products (for the European Union)

  • All consumer products are subject to a 12-month warranty on production flaws and defective material as from the original date of purchase.
  • Velleman® can decide to replace an article with an equivalent article, or to refund the retail value totally or partially when the complaint is valid and a free repair or replacement of the article is impossible, or if the expenses are out of proportion. You will be delivered a replacing article or a refund at the value of 100% of the purchase price in case of a flaw occurred in the first year after the date of purchase and delivery.
  • Not covered by warranty:
    • all direct or indirect damage caused after delivery to the article (e.g. by oxidation, shocks, falls, dust, dirt, humidity...), and by the article, as well as its contents (e.g. data loss), compensation for loss of profits;
    • frequently replaced consumable goods, parts or accessories such as batteries, lamps, rubber parts, drive belts... (unlimited list);
    • flaws resulting from fire, water damage, lightning, accident, natural disaster, etc.;
    • flaws caused deliberately, negligently or resulting from improper handling, negligent maintenance, abusive use or use contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions;
    • damage caused by a commercial, professional or collective use of the article (the warranty validity will be reduced to six (6) months when the article is used professionally);
    • damage resulting from an inappropriate packing and shipping of the article;
    • all damage caused by modification, repair or alteration performed by a third party without written permission by Velleman®.

  • Articles to be repaired must be delivered to your Velleman® distributor, solidly packed (preferably in the original packaging), and be completed with the original receipt of purchase and a clear flaw description. In order to save on cost and time, please reread the manual and check if the flaw is caused by obvious causes prior to presenting the article for repair. Note that returning a non-defective article can also involve handling costs.
  • Repairs occurring after warranty expiration are subject to shipping costs.
  • The above conditions are without prejudice to all commercial warranties.

The above enumeration can be adapted depending on the nature of the product (see the user manual of the product in question).

In case of professional use

Devices that are used almost daily with the aim of gaining profit or other commercial benefits fall under the category of "professional use". These include devices that are frequently used in commercial environments e.g. the catering industry, shops, discos… As these devices are used more frequently they are much more subject to wear hence the warranty period is reduced to 6 months. Any commercial warranty will leave these rights without prejudice.

USA - English (UK)