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1.75 mm (1/16") TPU FILAMENT - SOFT PINK - 500 g


TPU is a special filament to 3D print flexible objects in an easy and fast way!

It's easy to use because you do not need a heated bed and it can be printed onto (clean) glass. It is compatible with direct and bowden style 3D printers and you can print it at a speed of 75mm/s.

Aside from being flexible, this filament is also very strong and stretcheable. Check out all other features below!


  • TPU: a tough yet flexible filament that is easy to print with at a low temperatures
  • strong & flexible
  • works on direct & bowden style 3D printers
  • printable at speeds of >75 mm/s
  • exceptionally high softening point of 138°C
  • 450% elongation at break
  • resistance to oils, greases
  • easily printed water-tight


  • type: TPU
  • diameter: 1.75 mm (1/16")
  • package: reel
  • colour: soft pink
  • specific gravity: 1.16 g/cc
  • print temperature: 225-250 °C
  • weight: 500 g
  • dimensions (reel): Ø 20 x 5.5 cm
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