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Wiha Torque screwdriver set TorqueVario®-S electric assorted, variably adjustable torque limit, 18-pcs. in bag (36791) 0,8-5,0 Nm

Flat bit Cross bit Star bit Pozzi bit VDE GS 1000 V protection

VDE complete set with torque screwdriver, bit holder and slimBits. Slotted - Phillips - Pozidriv.


  • handle: VDE torque handle 1.0 - 5.0 Nm, steplessly adjustable with Torque Setter adjusting tool (included)
  • bit holder: ClicFix quick release holder securely locks bits. Only for 6 mm slimBits
  • bits: protective insulation moulded directly onto the bit and completely integrated into the bit in the lower area. Individually tested protective insulation 1000 V AC, VDE and GS tested.
  • application: for controlled fastening on live parts up to 1000 VAC
  • extra: 100% safety from fastening with torque according to specification of manufacturer type-tested switching devices according to EN 60439-1. Effortless access to low-lying fastening elements. Arranged clearly in a high quality, rugged and durable bag.


  • content:
    • 26626: VDE torque handle 1.0 - 5.0 Nm
    • 35870: slimtorque VDE bit holder for 6 mm slimbits
    • 26864: Torque-setter
    • 34579: SoftFinish® electric Bit, slotted 0.5x3.0x75
    • 34580: SoftFinish® electric slimBit, slotted 0.8x4.0x90
    • 34581: SoftFinish® electric slimBit, slotted 1.0x5.5x75
    • 34582: SoftFinish® electric slimBit, slotted 1.0x5.5x75
    • 34585: SoftFinish® electric slimBit, Pozidriv PZ1x75
    • 34586: SoftFinish® electric slimBit, Pozidriv PZ2x75
    • 34589: SoftFinish® electric slimBit for terminal screws (slotted/Pozidriv) SL/PZ1x75
    • 34590: SoftFinish® electric slimBit for terminal screws (slotted/Pozidriv) SL/PZ2x75
    • 35507: SoftFinish® electric slimBit, TORX® T10x75
    • 35508: SoftFinish® electric slimBit, TORX® T15x75
    • 35509: SoftFinish® electric slimBit, TORX® T20x75
    • 36071: SoftFinish® electric slimBit, TORX® T25x75

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