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IP range 55 - dust protected, protection against water jets Power supply: 12v, not included Weatherproof multicoloured EL-backlight illumination Stand Alone Mode Colour: Black

The HAA2866 is a self-contained weatherproof keypad with three relay outputs. It combines both the functions of a digital keypad and a proximity EM card reader in one unit.


  • tact switch back-lit key board
  • weatherproof surface mount housing
  • operated with PINs & EM cards
  • stand-alone or split-decoded operation
  • stand-alone electric lock or inter-lock installation
  • door opening and alarm arm/disarm control
  • extremely long programmable timer for output relays: 1 second up to over 24 hours
  • The keypad has the three output relays for output 1, 2 with standard N.C. and N.O. contacts and a doorbell button contact and an open collector output for output 3.
  • users for output 1: 1000 (PINs and/or cards) + 50 duress codes
  • users for output 2: 100 (PINs and/or cards) + 10 duress codes
  • users for output 3: 100 (PINs and/or cards) + 10 duress codes
  • 50 visitor codes for output 1; one time use or valid for 1 up to 99 hours
  • over 100 million combinations for user PINs
  • superuser code operates all outputs and also sets or resets 'inhibit' for output 1
  • Wiegand data output for the valid entry of PINs (34 bits) & reading of EM cards (26 bits)
  • sole reader mode provides Wiegand data output for all PIN entries & card readings
  • data I/O port in split-decoded operation
  • card reader compatible with all the standard 125 kHz proximity EM cards & key fobs
  • programmable intelligent Egress button controls with options of delay, warning and button contacting possibilities of momentary or holding contact
  • common user PIN, group user PINs & private user PINs for working with the EM card for various levels of security enhancement
  • ON-OFF selectable for pacifier tone, standby flashing LED & keyboard back-lit lighting
  • input terminals for door position sensor, Egress button & output, 1 inhibit control
  • optional:
  • user manual: English


  • power supply: 11 - 15 Vdc
  • current: 50 - 150 mA
  • open collector outputs for the duress, alarm, key active, inter-lock & output 3, 100 mA sink / 24 Vdc maximum rating
  • output relay 1: NC + NO dry contacts 5 A / 24 Vdc max.
  • output relay 2: NC + NO dry contacts 1 A / 24 Vdc max.
  • output relay 3: NO contact for doorbell button
  • tamper switch: NC dry contact 50 mA / 24 Vdc
  • operating temperature: -20 °C to +70 °C
  • humidity: 5-95 % RH, non condensing
  • IP rating: IP55
  • housing: ABS
  • weight: 220 g
  • dimensions (H x W x D): 129 x 83.5 x 41 mm / 5" x 3.3" x 1.6"
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