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configuration module with USB and RS-232 interface for DIN rail

DIN rail module to configure and control your Velbus system using a PC. Includes a USB and a RS-232 connection port (suitable for long connection wires). You can always choose which connection type you use.


  • galvanic separation between the computer and the VELBUS system
  • velbus:
    • full VELBUS 16.6kbps protocol compliant
    • velbus short circuit protection to power and bus
    • self restoration after bus error
  • USB:
    • USB power indication
    • USB V2.0 compatible (full speed 12Mb/s)
    • uses standard Microsoft™ Windows™ 'usbser.sys' driver
  • RS232 :
    • full duplex RS232C communication with PC


  • RS232:
    • baudrate: 38400
    • databits: 8
    • parity: none
    • stopbits: 1
    • RTS: high
    • DTR: low
  • velbus:
    • velbus power supply: 15±3VDC
    • velbus power consumption: 15mA
    • USB power consumption: 35mA
    • dimensions: 90 x 36 x 58mm / 3.5 x 1.4 x 2.3"
  • width: 2 DIN modules



Configuration software for VELBUS...



DIN rail distribution terminal block...


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