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The HAA9523S is a self-contained security keypad and is a reliable and cost-effective solution for residential and commercial installations. It is compatible with virtually any electric locking device and can be used as a control for security systems, automatic operators and machinery. Over 100 million combinations are possible for the user codes (multi-user mode). Programmed data stored in the system is non-volatile. Comes with tamper switch and plastic case. Audible key operation.


  • outputs:
    • output 1: 5A, N.C. & N.O. dry contacts, 30Vdc max
    • output 2: 1A, N.C. & N.O. dry contacts, 30Vdc max
    • output 3: NPN transistor open collector output for aux. control purposes
  • 3 LED lamps showing external system status
  • interlock facility: yes
  • output 1 locking control: yes
  • door propped-up warning: yes
  • auto or manual code entry: yes
  • relay activation announcment: yes
  • pacifier tone on/off options: yes
  • key activation output: yes
  • door auto relock: yes
  • alarm output: yes
  • duress output: yes
  • with onboard LED indication for showing keypad operation status
  • operating voltage: 12-24V (AC or DC)
  • duress output: NPN transistor with open collector output, switches to ground (-) when activated, 100mA/25VDC max
  • available codes: user1 & 2, super user, master, duress and accelerated codes
  • code combinations: 111.111.100 possibilities
  • dimensions: 118 x 74 x 48mm
  • weight: 190g

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