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The K7103 is a digital memory oscilloscope that is operated from any IBM compatible computer, using the computer screen as the oscilloscope display. The oscilloscope software is available from DOS program supplied. Operation seems like a normal oscilloscope, with one difference that most operations are performed using the mouse. Connection is via the parallel port of the computer. This digital storage scope has standard 1 channel with a sampling frequency of 32MHz (in option : K7104 : second channel). Any waveform on the screen can be stored in TIFF format so that it may be retrieved later for use in documentation or for comparison to other waveforms.


  • general information:
    • input impedance: 1Mohm // 30pF
    • maximum input voltage: 100V (AC + DC)
    • input coupling: DC, AC and GND
    • power supply: 9 to 12VDC / 800mA max. (PS1208)
    • charging circuit for battery provided
  • system requirements:
    • IBM compatible PC using 386 or higher microprocessor
    • VGA display card and mouse
    • 460kb conventional memory available
    • math co-processor required for True RMS and Spectrum Analyser (if not present, these functions will not work) (software Spectrum analyser and Transient recorder not included)
    • works with DOS, Windows 3.11, Win95 and Win98
  • option:
    • K7104: second channel for K7103
  • upgrade software:
    • spectrum analyser and transient recorder: US7103


  • Hints

    • With some computers the scope does not seem to work. On certain parallel ports (especially on portable computers) pull up resistors have been omitted. You can add them on the PC scope. Connect two 4K7 resistors between lines 14-16 of the parallel port and the +5V supply.
    • If you experience communication troubles ( frequency readout is not correct or samples seem to be missing ) between the scope and the computer try adding a 120 pF capacitor between DB2 and ground. Be sure to mount the capacitor as close as possible to R56.

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