Whadda is a Premium Maker Brand by Velleman Group nv that produces electronics projects for hobbyists, or as we now call them, makers. Creating these electronics projects has been Velleman's main activity for more than 20 years! So since 2020, we at Velleman Group nv have decided to update its exciting electronics brand into Whadda.

Whadda’s projects will revolve around the following four main skills; soldering, electronics, coding, and mechanics. This means, that each DIY project will focus on at least one of these skills. We even designed a little mascot named Whaddy! Whaddy will help out novice Makers to find their way in the world of electronics. He'll spread around tips and tricks, and teach you a thing or two about our four main skills.

Each project is also accompanied by an illustrative manual that is available in at least 5 languages. This manual can be found online, on the product page of the project in question. Simply click on the manuals tab to find it. Only our soldering kits for kids include a manual on paper.

Each day, we strive to post tutorials, projects, and videos about our projects as well. This way, Whaddy can guide and teach you in the best way possible!

Are you looking to partner up with Whadda? Do you run a STEM academy, a makerspace, a FabLab, … or are you a teacher? Then be sure to contact us!

Visit and find out everything there is to know about this premium makers brand!

We upgraded some of the popular Velleman For Makers products into new exciting Whadda products. To help you, we’ve made a list with the old products and their successors: Whadda Product Transition List

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Value set of 10 DIY dice soldering kits activated by shaking, ideal for beginners from 12 years old, with an online tutorial, suitable for STEM classes

Value set of 10 DIY dice soldering...


Soldering kit, voice changer with 4 buttons to control distortion options and higher or lower pitch, perfect for robot or alien cosplay, costume, and workshops

Soldering kit, voice changer with 4...

€ 14,95

Tape-O-Tronics set for 2 DIY nerve games, includes all electronics and accessories, ideal for beginners of 8 years and up, tutorial included, suitable for STEM classes

Tape-O-Tronics set for 2 DIY nerve...

€ 19,95

Heart-shaped soldering kit with 3 RGB blinking LEDs, red printed circuit board with gold finishing and badge pin, perfect for young beginners and workshops, suitable for STEM classes

Heart-shaped soldering kit with 3 RGB...


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