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Get creative with the BrightDot wearable collection!

BrightDots are small and wearable modules with one or more LEDs that need to be controlled by an Arduino compatible development board.

The entire collection includes a series of diverse modules with addressable RGB LEDs that can be controlled individually. We also developed a unique Arduino compatible VMW101: ESP32 WEARABLE DEVELOPMENT BOARD that you can use to create something bright & wearable that's also smart.

The PCB of each BrightDot module is super thin and includes gold plated contacts with 6 sewing holes of 1.22mm. Also, all models have backup lines to ensure that one broken LED does not affect the others.

Every LED is controlled by 3 wires (power, ground & data) and can be connected via these wires to the next LED, creating a big string of LEDs. You can solder these LEDs in electric circuits, or sew them into clothing, onto backpacks, onto shoes, …

Check out the entire collection here!

Check out the following tutorials:
Make a BrightDot tie
Make a BrightDot twinkle beanie

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Come by and get creative with us at FACTS 2018!

Booth 6129 is where it's happening at FACTS 2018!

First up, we're introducing you to the most user-friendly 3D printer ever! The new Vertex Delta has a ton of unique features and its quality prints will knock your socks off.

As if that wasn't enough, we're also going to show you how you can make your cosplay light up the halls of FACTS. Forget glitter, we're bringing in the big guns; BrightDot RGB LEDs. These wearable electronics can be sewn or soldered into your most creative piece of clothing or accessory. Come by and we'll show you, just follow the lights!

See you on the 29th and 30th of September 2018, Flanders EXPO Ghent. Get your tickets at!

The Velleman R&D team

*The BrightDot tiara in the picture is not official FACTS merchandise.

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Charge your smartphone wirelessly with Exelium

Do you often spend time looking for your phone's charging cable? Or does the cable always get tangled up? The wireless magnetic chargers from Exelium might make your life a lot easier.

At home, at the office or in the car

At home, at the office, in your car: Exelium has the right charger for every situation. Exelium has a car kit, a desk stand or a system with wall mount. Even if your smartphone does not support wireless charging, you can still charge it wirelessly with the special Exelium cases. If no power socket is available, the wireless power bank will come in handy.

One of the greatest assets of the Exelium range is the fact that the chargers are magnetic: just put your phone on it and the charger will automatically hold and charge your phone. The magnetic power bank allows you to charge your phone while you are on the go.


The Exelium range supports Qi technology, the open interface standard for wireless charging. This technology uses a magnetic field to transports energy between two devices. Wireless charging of electrical appliances has been around for a long time, for example in electric toothbrushes. Wireless charging will become even more popular in the coming years as manufacturers increasingly equip their devices with the technology.

Discover the full Exelium range

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New! The Madlab Electronic Kits series

This spring, Velleman will be distributing a new series of electronic solder kits.

The creative Madlab kits are designed for children and grown-ups alike who want to learn about the basics of electronics, like soldering! Still, even an advanced maker can find these solder projects very enjoyable.
The series consists out of 11 witty kits that each feature a different activity such as a wonky wire, a musical instrument, lots of blinking LEDs and much more. Assemble them at home or at school!

Join in on the fun and check out all our Madlab kits here!

Available by the end of April 2018!

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Scratch programming for ALLBOT

The Scratch for VR408: CZWORONOŻNY ROBOT ALLBOT® plugin makes it possible to operate your ALLBOT very easily by using the scratch graphical programming software. The user can utilize all standard scratch function blocks, and custom blocks to control the ALLBOT in order to let it walk, chirp, turn and so on.

Scratch is known to be a very educational tool for children and young adults to take the first steps towards programming. Using the ALLBOT in combination with Scratch will also help visualize what you have created in Scratch. This way, children will understand how very applicable programming just is.

Scratch for ALLBOT is available in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish!

Go to to download the plugin and get started with Scratch for ALLBOT.

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Velleman Projects for STEM

Hey Teachers!

Take a look at our new catalog with specially selected products for schools and educational organizations here.
Surprise your pupils with our electric projects and teach them all there is to know about science, technology, engineering and math. Or in other words; STEM!

Interested? Contact our sales department via, ask for the school catalog and receive special prices for your school or organization.

Have an electrifying new school year!

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Firma Velleman jest czlonkiem BSCI od poczatku 2016 roku.

Firma Velleman jest czlonkiem BSCI od poczatku 2016 roku. Inicjatywa Spolecznej Odpowiedzialnosci Biznesu (Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)), dobrowolna inicjatywa niezaleznych firm i ich producentów w ramach przemyslu europejskiego, jest zaangazowana na calym swiecie w poprawe warunków pracy w zakresie produkcji dla swoich czlonków. Firmy bedace czlonkami BSCI wdrazaja Kodeks Postepowania BSCI w swój lancuch dostaw. Podstawe Kodeksu Postepowania stanowia nastepujace wytyczne przyjete na arenie miedzynarodowej:

• Konwencje Miedzynarodowej Organizacji Pracy (ILO)
• Powszechna deklaracja praw czlowieka ONZ
• Deklaracja praw dziecka ONZ
• Konwencja w sprawie likwidacji wszelkich form dyskryminacji kobiet (CEDAW)
• Inicjatywa ONZ Global Compact
• Wytyczne OECD dla przedsiebiorstw wielonarodowych

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Vertex 3D-printer review in Make Magazine

Our Vertex 3D-printer got a nice review in the latest issue of Make Magazine.

According to them it is feature packed, it performs extremely well and comes with an unbeatable price tag.

Check it out!


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Velleman opts for green power

Velleman opts for green power

Velleman has recently installed 1100 solar panels on its newest warehouse. This installation features 280 kWp and will generate about 238,000 kWh every year, which corresponds to the average energy consumption of 68 families.
Within 25 years from here, the panels will still have more than 80% efficiency.

By opting for green power, Velleman wants to contribute to a durable future.

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Article about our Vertex 3D Printer in the Belgian newspaper

Article about our Vertex 3D Printer which was published in the Belgian newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws". (Only available in Dutch)

Read the full article here... (PDF)

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K8200 to CNC milling

Convert your K8200 3D printer in a CNC milling machine with the PROXXON1 minidrill.

Proxxon1 holder .STL file:
Check our manual:K8200 to CNC milling (English version).

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