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The HAM263D is an all-in alarm system kit designed for home and office protection, and controlled via a digital keyboard. It can be configured in different partitions that work independently or in combined operation.


  • arm/disarm status control via digital keypad
  • 8 coverage zones divided in two sections
  • programmable entry delay 1 & 2 and alarm duration time
  • independently programmable user codes for section 1, section 2 and the entire system
  • user codes of 4 to 6 digits
  • response time of each protection zone is independently programmable
  • power low watchdog resets the system before battery is exhausted
  • non-volatile memory
  • entry and exit warning beeps on/off
  • arm/disarm ring back indication on/off
  • instant arming code, both for home and away operation
  • connection of siren, bell, satellite siren and strobe light possible
  • built-in dynamic battery charger with automatic or manual battery testing
  • on-board software section for panic alarms
  • possibility to bypass faulty zone(s) to arm the system
  • handover option for the instant zones
  • connect up to 4 control keypads HAA263D or key switches HAA80MK
  • tamper-proof
  • kit includes:
    • 1 x: master control unit
    • 1 x : weatherproof alarm control keypad (HAA263D)
    • 2 x: PIR intrusion detector (HAA52N)
    • 1 x : electronic siren
    • 1 x: panic button (HAA60)
    • 5 x: magnetic contacts
    • 1 x: 16.5 VAC / 3 A power adapter
  • optional:
    • HAA263D: auxiliary weatherproof control keypad for alarm control panel
    • HAA52N: PIR intrusion detector (max. 6, depending on power consumption)
    • HAA60: panic emergency button
    • HAA25 of HAA27: magnetic reed switches
    • HAA54: PIR sensor with double twin optics
    • HAA55: glass break detector with PIR sensor
    • HAA50: ceiling-mounted PIR detector
  • for arm/disarm control only:
    • HAA80MK: remote control panel switch with momentary key
    • HAA85WP: multi-purpose security keypad - water-resistant
    • HAA2850: self-contained vandal-resistant weatherproof digital access control keypad with backlight - 2 ch
    • HAA9523S: self-contained digital access control keypad
    • HAA85BL: self-contained digital access control keypad with backlight


  • power supply: 16.5 VDC, 3 A
  • back-up battery requirements: 7 Ah, 12 V, rechargeable sealed lead acid battery (not incl., DAS12-7.5)
  • standby current: typically 100 mA
  • temperature range: 0 °C to +65 °C
  • entry delay: 15 - 90 s
  • exit delay: 60 s
  • alarm duration: 3 - 15 min or infinite
  • power up delay (standby mode): 60 s
  • dimensions master unit: 270 x 265 x 78 mm
  • dimensions keypad: 117 x 117 x 27 mm
  • dimensions box: 346 x 540 x 152 mm
  • weight (master unit + keypad): 2.5 kg

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